Semi-permanent Eyebrows - Microblading & Powder Brows

Now you can have the full, defined, perfectly shaped eyebrows of your dreams.  No more eyebrow pencils or filling in brows each morning.

Emma is fully trained in microblading, powder brows, ombre brows and a combination of these techniques.  Let her skilled hands, experience and keen eye for detail safely create your perfect brows.

Microblading with Emma

Microblading (also known as feather touch brows) creates hair like strokes with the use of a manual tool containing a row of very fine needles.  These needles implant pigment in to the basal layer of the epidermis.  The pigment is placed in hair-like strokes that follow the natural direction of eyebrow hair growth.  The result is a soft and natural looking set of brows.  No set of brows is ever the same, they are individually crafted to suit each client.

This 'feathered brow' effect typically lasts 12-18 months, after which time a recolouring touch up can be performed.

The whole process is carried out over two sessions. During the first session the initial shaping, blading and colouring is performed and the second session - due 6 weeks later - is where the evenness of colour is checked and minor adjustments are made to ensure total satisfaction.  This is your ‘perfection’ appointment.

Microblading before and after

Microblading Before After

Powder Brows

This technique implants pigment in to the skin in the form of thousands of tiny dots that gradually build up resulting in a powdered or make-up like look.

Powder Brows Before After

Powder Brows Before After

Ombre Brows

Similar to powder brows, except brows will be lighter at the front and gradually become darker and more defined towards the arch and tail.  This is an ideal option for an oily skin.

Ombre Brows Before After
Ombre Brows Before After


Combination Brows

 A mix of microblading through the front of the brows, blending in to the powder brow effect for a more defined arch and tail.

Combination Brows Before After

Combination Brows Before After

Every microblading journey begins with a free consultation where Emma will discuss the process, pricing, shape and colour you're looking for as well as confirm your suitability for these services and answer any questions you have.

* Please note all brows pictured are directly after treatment, therefore at their darkest.  Brows will soften and lighten up to 40% in the weeks following the procedure.

A complimentary consultation at least one week prior is required for all Microblading services.  Book your free consultation here

Microblading Consultation Complimentary
Microblading / Powder / Ombre Brows First Session $395
Microblading / Powder / Ombre Brows Perfection Session $155
Combination Brows First Session $450
Combination Brows Perfection Session $175

Combination Brows Colour Refresh

(recommended after 12-18 months)



Microblading / Powder / Ombre Colour Refresh

(recommended after 12-18 months)



Microblading before afterMicroblading before and afterMicroblading before and after

Please note Société Club membership discounts are not valid on this service.