Regular massage can ease back pain and improve range of motion. It can decrease medication dependence by draining and stimulating the lymphatic glands, which is the body’s natural defence system, enhancing your immunity.

Massage can help improve the muscles ability to get stronger by stimulating them and also improve the body’s largest organ, the skin.  Increased joint flexibility, reduction of depression and anxiety, regeneration of tissue to improve scars and stretch marks are some other benefits.

When your body is massaged, you are getting oxygen and nutrients pumped to tissues and organs, thus improving circulation. It relaxes and softens injured, tired and overused muscles. It releases endorphin's, which are the body’s natural pain killers. Massage can also enhance sleep quality, give you greater energy and reduce fatigue.

Price Club
Back Stroke $55 $41.25

Back, neck & shoulder massage. Relaxing and knot eradicating.  Allow 30 minutes.

Muscle Melting -Full Body Massage $75 $56.25

Muscle melting personally tailored massage.  Allow 45 minutes.

Embrayce You - Full Body Massage $95 $71.25

Expertly designed massage tailored to your specific needs. Allow 60 minutes.

Body Exfoliation

Body polishes exfoliate dead skin cells which can make skin appear dull and unhealthy.  Reveal the glowing skin beneath.

  • The skin becomes softer, smoother and supple
  • Moisturises and hydrates
  • Removes oil and dirt that build-up and clog pores
  • The polish stimulates the skin cells to generate fresh and healthier layers of skin
  • Helps with blood flow & re-energises the body. 
Price Club

Back, Buff & Butter - massage  (30 mins)    

$70 $52.50
Crème de la crème - full body polish (60 mins) $140 $105.00