Robyn Eathorne

Embrayce Christchurch Skin Therapist Robyn Eathorne

Hi, I'm Robyn Eathorne

Let me tell you a little about what drives me and why I love working in this industry.

I am very passionate about skin and in particular ensuring we achieve the best results we can.

My areas of focus are:

Skincare and treatment results

I believe strongly that we can make significant improvements through the courses of treatments we provide and the associated products and services to assist in achieving this. I like to correctly access the skins needs using our Visia machine for skin  analysis and this enables me to prescribe the best possible action plan to achieve visible results for our clients. Environ is our largest brand of cosmeceutical active skincare and we have worked with this for many years. I believe it gives me the best possible ingredients to deeply repair and heal sundamaged and ageing skin using Vitamin A, peptides and antioxidants plus the latest in scientific research which is perfect for the New Zealand climate.

Homecare programmes

To maintain the benefits achieved in the salon, I like to help clients by prescribing a simple home care programme and routine that works for them. I prefer to educate rather than a hard sell and I believe knowledge is empowerment.

Skin Needling

This is a treatment I am very passionate about and I have had many successful outcomes with.  I truly believe this form of treatment can achieve optimal skin rejuvenation and tightening with no downtime or surgery. This method is so successful because it creates the skins own growth factors and collagen to plump and fill out the skin.

Many of my clients have been and are very happy with results to date.

Health and Wellbeing

I love what whole foods can do for the body, in the form of healing and repair. I firmly believe that maintaining a healthy diet will assist with skin health and longevity. Bestow is a brand we sell in the salon and many clients swear by the wellbeing and overall results that this product can achieve.

Clinical skin treatments

Here at Embrayce we offer the latest advanced clinical treatments utilising the latest research and technology.

We train extensively with Environ, incorporating their advanced skin training which keeps us up to date with the best results we can achieve for you our clients.

We also offer services with the latest in technology including new pain free SHR IPL, Laser Skin Rejuvenation and sonophoresis, which uses sounds waves for infusion of product into the skin.

About Me

Interior Design, art, food and family – these are a few of my favorite things!

Interior design and art have long been something I have both enjoyed. Contributing to a place of comfort, serenity and relaxation within Embrayce has enabled me to indulge these passions and create a haven for our clientele. Food and family are important to me also as they allow a shared experience which all can enjoy and socialising is a key to well being for any human being. I really enjoy people and I am very social, often enjoying a good laugh!

I have been a business owner for close to 30 years, starting in hospitality and owning restaurants.  I believe that working with the public for such a long time has given me an understanding and empathy for people of all walks of life. Solving problems and having patience comes naturally to me and I enjoy sharing my life experiences with others.

As a former owner operator of the salon, who works full time in the business, I am very hands on in assessing our client’s needs ensuring their best interests are taken care of. Through my experience in this industry I feel I am well placed to educate, encourage and assist in achieving your best possible results. My clients tell me I am approachable and I genuinely care about the health and well being of my clients.

I am very grateful to team here at Embrayce for opportunities to meet new clients, expand our brand and services and foster long-lasting client relationships.

Warmest regards, Robyn.