REPAIR - Manuka Multifunctional Lip Balm

This multifunctional manuka balm is designed for use on lips, abrasions and burns, and is formulated with manuka honey, beeswax and sunflower oil.

This manuka balm is 100% natural, deeply nourishing, soothing and moisturising.

  • Naturally rehydrates the lips, reviving and plumping as a result.
  • Seals in moisture, whilst repairing damage.
  • By plumping and giving more structure to the lips, appearance of fine lines above the lips are reduced.


Apply over the top of your favourite coloured lipstick to create a glossy, kissable look.

Apply hourly over the top of skin scratches, burns, abrasions and insect bites, this will relieve pain, prevent infection, reduce redness and itching.


Our multifunctional manuka balm can be applied to chapped lips, cold sores, dry, red, or sore lips, and lips presenting with an open wound or scabbing, or those suffering with sun, wind or environmental damage.

Apply a small amount of Aú Natural Skinfood’s multifunctional manuka balm to your area of concern. Apply as often as required to keep the area moist, as this will protect the treated area and allow the healing process to begin.

Due to the concentrated ingredients in this balm, it is multi functional, meaning it can be used as a topical agent for healing and repair on insect bites, boils, gravel rash, chafing, cuts and scar tissue.