I thought it would be easiest to summarise the links to various training and educational opportunities currently available in one place.  I’ll add more as they become available.
Please see the list below and aim to spend at least 25% of the hours you would normally be at work on these each week.
Bestow University
You are all registered (or have been previously sent the link to register) for this amazing resource from Janine Tait at Bestow.  Now is the time to catch up and boost your product knowledge. 
I will be doing the same :-) 
If you have trouble logging in please let me know so I can help.
Our Gut and Skin Microbiome Webinar with Janine Tait 
Environ Rosacea & Sensitive Skin Masterclass
Friday 3rd September
10:30am to 1pm 
Highly recommend attending this if you haven't completed the Rosacea masterclass in the last year.  This session is not recorded.
Acne Workshop from last Monday evening with Dr Andrew Christie